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Wood fungi decay/ wood rot

Pro Team Constructions replace timber affected and damaged by fungi decay, wood rot.

We firstly inspect for the source of the excessive moisture and dampness that is the cause of the fungal decay/ wood rot and rectify the problem that is the cause of the fungi decay, wood rot.

Many timbers and wood affected by fungi decay , wood rot are non durable timbers which have not been designed for external use. We replace timber and wood affected by fungi decay, wood rot which is in unprotected external area with durable timbers designed for external use.

Subfloor timber framing

Pro Team Group replace subfloor timber framing and timber stumps damage and defective from fungi decay/wood rot, timber pest and termite damage/ attack.


What makes a building vulnerable to wood fungi decay, wood rot?

Wood fungal decay, wood rot can be a sign of other problems or defects within a house or building. During our inspections when we find timber fungal decay/wood rot we want to know why it has occurred. It may be due to poor subfloor ventilation, rising damp, the wrong timber use in an hazardous environment, defective plumbing or poor construction methods.

Pro Team Group provides advice on preventing timber fungal decay, wood rot and replace timber and wood affected by fungal decay, wood rot.

Pro Team replace timber and wood attacked by wood fungi decay using treated or naturally more durable timbers or materials we specialise in replacing structural timbers members to balconies and decks affected by fungi decay, wood rot. If you would like a quotation for the replacement of fungal decay, wood rot damaged timber in Melbourne please contact us.


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