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mould removalPro Team Constructions are licensed

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Pro Team Group Services

Pro Team Group specialise in damp, moisture and mould inspections/ assessments and remediation works.

Pro Team Group provides subfloor ventilation inspections and solutions for all your damp problems including poor or inadequate subfloor ventilation, rising damp, condensation, moisture, mould problems and replacement of structural subfloor timber framing and timber stumps damage from fungal decay and dampness. Pro Team Group operate across Melbourne, Victoria.

Subfloor Ventilation Fans

Pro Team Group install inline centrifugal subfloor ventilation fans and low voltage subfloor ventilation fans.

Our preference is to install the inline centrifugal ventilation fan.

High Flow Subfloor Vents Installation

Pro Team Group install high flow vents cutting in new vents into brickwork and replacing existing subfloor vents where required and appropriate which can greatly increase the airflow under a building.                                                                                                                   

Licensed residential & commercial builders

As commercial and residential licensed building practitioners we can install a complete subfloor ventilation system with ventilation fans designed to suit your home or building and complete all remedial work to the structural and finishes of the building.

A complete subfloor dampness problem service

We provide a complete service which includes all trades and management required, we also can replace structural timber subfloor framing, timber stumps and timber flooring which has been damaged by fungal decay due to poor subfloor ventilation and excessive moisture and dampness under the house in the subfloor area. All structural framing is replaced to Australian Standards and is guaranteed. Pro Team Group provides a complete subfloor ventilation rectification service.

Professional tradesmen and service

Pro Team Group takes complete care of your home or building while completing the installation of the new subfloor ventilation system. Our tradesmen are courteous and considerate. We work with you to ensure your subfloor ventilation and damp problems are rectified with the minimal amount of disruption to your home, family and/or business.

About subfloor ventilation

Cross flow ventilation is the movement of air flow from one side of the building to the other, ensuring the inflow of fresh air and the outflow of stale air. Poor cross flow ventilation can create many problem for a building or house.

Problems associated with poor subfloor ventilation

• Poor ventilation increases moisture creating an environment attractive to termites.

• Mould will also grow under houses with poor subfloor ventilation. There are many health problems associated with mould and rising damp ranging from respiratory problems to worsening of asthma and allergies. It is not healthy to live in a house with mould.

• Timber fungi which attacks and damages subfloor structural timber framing members, timber stumps and timber flooring.

Reasons for poor subfloor ventilation problems

Many houses suffer from poor or inadequate subfloor ventilation Pro Team Group conduct a detailed inspection of the property, house and subfloor area to access the extent and cause of your subfloor ventilation and/or dampness problem. The main reasons for inadequate subfloor ventilation include:

• Design and construction issues can restrict cross flow ventilation which can create poor or inadequate subfloor ventilation. This is very common where buildings are attached or semi attached to other buildings and structures;

• Subfloor ventilation problem due to mechanical ductwork.

• Left over building debris and other items in the subfloor area can restrict cross flow ventilation and create subfloor ventilation problems which can create excessive moisture and mould in the subfloor area and in the house.

• Subfloor framing constructed too close to the ground doesn't allow enough space for cross flow ventilation creating poor subfloor ventilation.

• Garden beds and paving build up over subfloor vents is also common which restricts subfloor ventilation.

Rectifying subfloor ventilation problems

The environment and the extent of the subfloor ventilation problem will be assessed after a detailed subfloor inspection. We will then recommend the best solution to your subfloor ventilation problem.

Solutions for poor or inadequate subfloor ventilation include installation of extra subfloor vents or changing the existing subfloor vents in your home to a different kind of vent which allows a larger volume of air flow to enter and extract from your subfloor area.

For more serious subfloor ventilation problem we install a system consisting of a in-line exhaust fan capable of heavy usage which is set on a timer to operate during the day or at a time to suit the occupiers of the home Ductwork is used to extract and introduce fresh air to the subfloor area. The whole subfloor ventilation system would typically be installed under the floor but it can be placed in other areas with ducting to the area requiring ventilation.

To arrange a subfloor inspection for poor or inadequate subfloor or to get a quote or price on the cost of the installation of a subfloor ventilation fan system in Melbourne, Victoria please call:


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Pro Team Group provide solution for poor or inadequate subfloor ventilation and dampness under a house and dampness within a house. We conduct damp house inspections and damp house assessments and provide remedial works for rising damp and damp subfloor areas with poor subfloor ventilation in Melbourne, Victoria call for a quote for the cost of the installation of a subfloor ventilation fan system and/or inspection to access the condition of your subfloor area