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Professional Mould Removal in Melbourne, Victoria

Pro Team Group conduct damp building, moisture and mould assessments to establish the source of dampness/ moisture and mould growth by assessing the building, environment and the extend of the mould contamination, so that we can recommend the most appropriate course of action to remediate the problem.

Without correct professional diagnosis through inspection and assessment you may spend thousands of dollars on a problem which may be as simple as cleaning your gutters out.

All mould and damp assessments are different due to construction method, design and extent of dampness and mould contamination. Specialized testing equipment is used where required.


All our mould removal and mould cleaning is conducted by qualified professional mould removal technicians.

Pro Team Group use the most advanced mould cleaning products and mould removal methods, and are fully trained in mould removal and mould cleaning.

Stop the source that makes your home conducive to mould growth

Pro Team Group provide solutions to fix the source of the mould such as building faults which allow for the intrusion of water and moisture.

Mould, damp proofing and waterproofing specialists

Pro Team Group specialize in construction damp proofing and waterproofing of building structures as licensed residential and commercial builders. We are well qualified to rectify your waterproofing, damp proofing problems and subfloor ventilation, and drying of damp, buildings contaminated with mould.

Inspection, Assessment and diagnosis of damp buildings to
stop mould growth Melbourne, Victoria

Damp proofing in buildings requires expert diagnosis. Before starting to inject a new chemical damp proof courses or any other damp proofing treatment it is important to correctly diagnose the actual source of the dampness and to establish the cause of the dampness. Is it rising damp? Is it condensation? Is it inadequate site drainage? Is it defective roof plumbing? Is it penetrating damp?

Mould growth

Mould growth can occur where dampness and excessive moisture is present in your home or building. Moulds release countless tiny spores which travel through the air. If mouldy items and materials are not removed or correctly cleaned high levels of airborne mould spores pose a health risk to the occupants of the building. Mould can trigger asthma attacks and aggravate other respiratory and allergic conditions.

If you think you may have a medical condition due to mould consult a medical practitioner.

What to do if you have a dampness and mould growing in your house

Mould needs to be professionally removed as the spores become airborne and are easily inhaled. Just as important though is to establish the cause of the mould, dampness and excessive moisture within the home. The problem can be design related or due to a defective component of the building. Through a detailed inspection and assessment it is possible to establish the cause of the dampness and through remedial building works remove the root of the dampness problem.

Condensation and mould growth

Condensation can cause mould growth in houses which in turn attracts fungal decay in timbers and the timber structure of a house or building. Ventilation is an effective way of reducing or removing moisture within a house. Effective ventilation reduces relative humidity within a building.

Why condensation occurs

Warm air holds more moisture than cold air. If air is warm enough to store a considerable amount of moisture and if the air is cooled below dewpoint, relative humidity exceeds 100%  and condensation occurs.

Condensation can occur where moisture levels are too high.

Mould growing under houses and under buildings in
the subfloor area.

Mould is common in the subfloor area when there is excessive moisture and dampness. Pro Team Group has solutions for dealing with mould growing under house in the subfloor area.

Site Drainage

An inspection of adequate site drainage involves inspecting and observing the ground, paving, paths driveways, steps and gardens beds around a house or building. The ground should slope away from the foundations and garden beds and paving should not trap or pond water.

Down pipes, gutters and drains should all be inspected for defects and adequacy.

Subfloor Ventilation and mould growth

Ventilation is an effective way of reducing or removing moisture within a house and in the subfloor area of a house or building. Ventilation can reduce relative humidity within a house and in the subfloor area of a house. Subfloor ventilation increases air changes under a home or building creating a healthier living environment.

Pro Team Group have a range of subfloor ventilation solutions, please contact us to discuss our services in more detail. For more information click on the link below.

Subfloor Ventilation Solutions   

Mould growing in damp basements

Mould growth can occur where dampness, excessive moisture is present in your damp basement. Please click on the

link below for more information.

Waterproofing Damp Basements

Please contact us to discuss in further detail our mould assessments, mould cleaning and mould removal in Melbourne, Victoria.

Pro Team Group provide mould cleaning, mould removal and mould inspections operating across Melbourne, Victoria

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